The fight for the future of the NDIS

by | Jul 4, 2021 | Articles, Blog

Back in March, I wrote for Eureka Street about the fight for the future of the NDIS. I said:

Right now, there is a fight on for the future of the NDIS. On one side is the Federal Government, determined to have total control over the Scheme, and to change its very fundamentals. On the other side are disabled people across Australia, disability advocacy organisations, allied health workers and disability service providers, urgently telling them to stop.

Four months later, and we’re still here, still fighting, still saying that these changes are a terrible idea. Just this weekend, The Guardian reported about more cuts, and the NDIS released some fancy figures, with some pretty wild assumptions.

Disabled people, our families and our community are going to keep fighting, to keep making sure that the NDIS works, and that disabled people can have the support we need.

The disability community has come together to oppose these changes, as have allied health groups. Disabled people have put in submissions and contacted MPs. All of this is being ignored.

Instead, we are chided for spreading misinformation, or told we are not really understanding these reforms. We understand just fine thanks, which is why there is so much concern.

The NDIS was meant to change the way that our supports were provided, moving the system from charity to rights. The Productivity Commission report said that what was needed was ‘a coherent and certain system for people with a disability is required — with much more and better-directed resourcing, a national approach, and a shift in decision-making to people with a disability’.

It looks like we’re moving towards a narrow, tightly controlled system that will be nothing of the kind.

If you want to stay up to date on the campaign, visit Every Australian Counts.

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